Celebrate the Mess

You’re dreaming about something…

What’s holding you back from doing it?

What has to happen in the mess so you get to the magic?

This podcast celebrates the mess!

The process of working through our doubts,
and getting past the fear of “What if I fail?”
is how we get clear about what we want to do!

It Has to Be Me

When you get to that place where you know in your gut:

"It has to be me!”

“This is what I want to do, and I’m the person to do it.”

Then, there is no doubt, and you take action!

We all want to get better at getting to that place.

Let's Get Help

So, Tess Masters is talking with inspiring people about how they take action to achieve their goals.

She'll dive inside their decision-making process, and get the tools they use to work through the mess, and tap into their resources to make the things they want happen. 

Grab some of their strategies so you take action the next time you feel like “It has to be me!”

Tess Masters
Meet Tess

Author, presenter, coach, chef, and podcaster Tess Masters has a passion for stories that encourage people to take action and go after what they want.

The Blender Girl™ community reaches over 2 million people who up their game with Tess’s recipes, cookbooks, and wellness tips.

She and her team of dietitians have helped 30,000+ participants empower themselves with better food and lifestyle choices through The Decadent Detox® and Skinny60® health programs.

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Gina S

"I can't rave enough about the Skinny60 program. The food is absolutely incredible. It is such an amazing feeling to know there was something out there that could offer me relief besides all of the meds I was taking. I’m sleeping better, I have more energy, and my skin is better. My inflammation and pain is down. I haven’t had a Lupus flare in two years, and I take less meds now. And, I’ve lost 38 pounds!  This totally changed my life."

Gina S

Los Angeles, CA
Janis M

"This is by far the most supportive program I have ever been in. Tess and her dietitians want you to succeed,  and they hold your hand through the entire experience. Because I was eating good food, my face cleared up, the inflammation in my body disappeared, my energy levels got much higher, and I didn’t experience the depression from menopause any more. I felt like I got back to being myself - the “happy-go-lucky” Janis. I really love the “Good, Better, Best, Not Perfect” philosophy of Skinny60, and now use that at work and other areas of my life."

Janis M

Milwaukie, OR
Karen W

"I was so blessed to have so much support from Tess, the dietitians, and all of the wonderful people in the program during my cancer treatment. A year later I feel fantastic, and my medical team declared me “cancer-free”. This program helped me improve every aspect of my health. My doctors asked me what I was doing to make such amazing progress and changes in such a short period of time! This has truly been a transformational experience."

Karen W

Kansas City, MO

"This has been a life-changing experience. I lost 38 pounds, my BMI is down, I'm off my blood pressure medication, I have more energy, I sleep better at night, and I feel good about myself. I have learned so much, and every recipe was absolutely delicious. You can’t lose with the knowledge, support, and guidance from Tess. She brings it to you in such a loving, giving way. The time she spends with you every step of the way to ensure you get amazing results is absolutely priceless."

Grace B

Galena, OH
Jan Hoover

"This experience has really given me a new life! I’m sleeping so well, have so much energy, sugar cravings are gone, triglycerides down over 50 points, cholesterol is better, and I lost weight. The recipes are so delicious. I’ve never tasted so many unbelievable flavors. Tess is such a great coach, encourages you, and just wants you to be your best and grow. This is not just a nutrition program. It’s a reset for your whole being. I am so much more confident, and feel like I can do anything! At 65, I feel like I am finally starting to bloom."

Jan H

Indianapolis, IN


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