It Has To Be Me


with Amber Stott

Episode #1: March 14th, 2024

The Gold From This Episode

"We see the change every single day with our kids in terms of what they’re eating. 50% of Americans are sick because of what they are eating. We can prevent this if we can get to our kids."

Amber Stott

CEO of Food Literacy Center

"It's not just about the success of me and just about the success of Food Literacy Center, but how we are building systems so that other people can replicate this work."

Amber Stott

CEO of Food Literacy Center

“You’ll never know unless you try it. And, the best time to start is today!”

Amber Stott

CEO of Food Literacy Center

“Ignore the No’s and focus on the next Yes. I never, ever hear the no. I'm simply hearing I didn't present it to you in the way that you'll say yes to right now."

Amber Stott

CEO of Food Literacy Center

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - Proverb

Amber Stott

CEO of Food Literacy Center
In This Episode
  • Amber Stott, founder and CEO of Food Literacy Center talks about the importance of being the change you want to see in your community.

  • Amber shares the journey of starting a nonprofit and her passion for food advocacy, and explore the challenges she faced and the opportunities she seized to make a difference in her school district.

  • She also shares her philosophy of embracing “failure,” and the importance of letting go of tasks that are not hers to hold.

  • Amber stresses the value of storytelling, taking risks, asking questions, and working as a team to create a culture of ownership within her organization.

  • She also emphasizes remembering lessons and reflecting on success to replicate positive outcomes.

  • The conversation also delves into the challenges of prioritizing health and finding balance while maintaining an unwavering commitment to her mission.

  • Amber shares her self-talk strategies and how she uses her support system to make choices that align with her values.

  • The interview closes with Amber’s dream for the future of Food Literacy Center, and her encouragement for listeners to start pursuing their dreams today!

About Amber

Amber Stott is a food activist and writer who devised and articulated the concept of food literacy, and founded Food Literacy Center in Sacramento.

This nonprofit teaches kids to grow, cook, and eat their vegetables.

One of California’s largest school districts built a state-of-the-art cooking school based on Amber’s design.

To heighten awareness of food literacy, Amber lobbied the California state government to designate every September Food Literacy Month.

She was instrumental in creating a Farm-To-School program within California’s Food and Agriculture Department.

Working with the Sacramento Food Film Festival, Amber uses food documentaries to combine public education and hands-on culinary experiences.

Through her “Raising Kale” podcast, book, and TEDx talk, Amber inspires listeners to improve the quality of life in their community with better food education.